Temple Gardens Spa and Pool at Sunrise

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Who knew Saskatchewan’s hottest attraction was in Moose Jaw?

From EMC Lifestyles by John M. Smith, December 29, 2011

Did you know Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, was the home of a luxury resort, the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort, with an awesome geothermal mineral water pool? This beautiful facility is located right in downtown Moose Jaw, within walking distance of several other attractions, and it's home to the Sun Tree Spa, with its rejuvenating spa services, and a large, heated, therapeutic mineral water pool that promotes stress reduction and tension relief.

I was certainly already familiar with such "hot spots" as British Columbia's Banff Hot Springs and Alberta's Miette Hot Springs, but I was surprised to discover such a facility right in the heart of the prairies, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I also learned this was not the only such facility in the province, for there's another in Watrous called the Manitou Springs Resort Hotel & Mineral Spa. I also learned that one of the main differences in the two is that the water appears to be a brownish colour at Manitou (because of the high iron content), but chlorine has been added to the water at Temple Gardens, reducing the iron content, and making the water appear a more natural colour.

Moose Jaw's Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort showcases the geothermal waters that are drawn from the ancient sea-beds lying deep below the city's surfaceand the pool is located on the resort's fourth floor making it Canada's largest therapeutic geothermal mineral water indoor/outdoor rooftop pool. Since the pool is kept at a steady 45 degrees Celsius year-round, it's especially popular during Saskatchewan's cold winter days, for it's rather extraordinary to be luxuriating in these hot mineral waters during a blizzard!

These waters are said to have "natural healing components," for one of the primary minerals found here is Epsom saltsand Epsom salt soaks have long been known to relieve muscle strain and joint pain. The warmth and mineral content of this water also help to increase blood circulation, and it's relaxing. I was also told that "the re-mineralizing of skin tissues and the detoxification of body systems are other positive effects."

On my visit to Moose Jaw, I stayed at Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort, and all guests have free use of the pools. After my long day of driving to get to Moose Jaw, it was certainly relaxing to "take to the water." I simply donned my swim trunks and the complimentary white robe that was in my room and then walked from my room, via a pleasant, well-lit sky walk, to the pool area which was actually located on the other side of the street.

I was told that the best way to use these facilities was to immerse oneself for almost half an hour, then cool down on the deck (or take a cold shower), and then repeat this procedure a few times. During the cooling down stages, one should drink plenty of water.

As I walked around in the indoor pool, I found several seating areas, including a poolside ledge, right in the pool for easier immersion. At the one end of the pool, there's a bridge underpass, which leads to the outside pool, and it's a nice contrast to experience both, there's another poolside deck outside, too.

After enjoying these pools, one could then go to the Sun Tree Spa (next to the pool) for even more stress release and relaxation. Treatments here include body massages, "Lavender Soy" and "Acai Berry" foot and hand treatments, a "Microdermabrasion Anti-oxidant Facial," and a "Lavender and Mango Body Wrap."

While at the resort, I talked with Cheryl Chase, the Sales and Marketing Manager, and she told me that Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort opened back in 1996, but it has expanded since then. "The Resort's dream started with a handful of volunteer founding directors putting $25 into the hat to build it. In 2006, some ten years after opening its doors, the 1,100 community shareholders agreed to sell the company for over $20 million!"

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort has, indeed, been a great success and good for the community. Cheryl confided that it now "attracts people from around the world."

While you're in Moose Jaw, be sure to check out some of the other attractions, too, including Casino Moose Jaw right next door, Crescent Park, views of this beautiful park are available from many of the resort's rooms and balconies, the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, an award-winning tour located just down the street, and the Murals of Moose Jaw, wall paintings on area buildings. When exiting to the Trans Canada Highway, you'll notice Moose Jaw's famous mascots/symbols on display at the Visitor Centre: Mac the Moose and a Snowbird plane.

Moose Jaw used to be known as "The Friendly City" (just like Belleville), but it has recently changed this to "Surprisingly Unexpected" and that was very fitting, for me, when I visited its Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort .